moving past
distant horizons
This is part of a website to tell stories, both the grand and sweeping and the small and mundane.
I have built is as a place to tell my own stories but over time I hope that others will also tell their stories here.
Stories are the life blood of our imagination and give meaning to our remembering.
They also give joy and meaning to others and together help us build a world in our minds.
Sometimes they even transcend us and all the people around us and move us to new places, places far beyond anything we ourselves could have thought of.
Sometimes they just root us back in the here and now and help us understand that living in the moment is one of life's greatest things.
There are three current stories which feature on this site. The first is a memoir I have written which tells the story of growing up in a remote and beautiful part of Arnhem Land amongst an aboriginal community.
The second story is a novel based around a house in Balmain which we owned for seven years, which imagines the life of a girl who lived in this house in the early 1900s based on an old photo we found which had been hidden in a chimney.
The third is the story is of the fabulous old house we have bought in Millers Point and our journey of restoring it from derelict state to a thing of beauty.
Gradually I hope to populate this site with other stories, both my own and those of others.
My next project is to write some of the amazing stories and post photos about the beautiful part of Sydney in which we live. I have called this section "Beautiful Sydney" and would love any contributions that others wish to offer.
This site links to another site that I am populating with shorter outback tales and other things of interest, including a blog for those who wish to record their own comments. To find out more about this go to the website
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